Thursday, July 10, 2014

"It used to be that companies were built to last. Now they are built to change.”
– Lori Mitchell-Keller, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Retail for SAP

Executive Director Update 

Greetings ICBA!

ICBA is designed to be a nimble organization driven by change, improvement, and innovation. Beginning in the spring of 2013 the Executive Committee of the ICBA Board and I began a process of establishing a structure that will support the ICBA of the future. During their July 2013 strategic retreat, the Board of Directors dedicated their time to evaluating all aspects of ICBA including governance, committee operations, the role of the Executive Director and staff, our member market, our use of technology, and existing and future programs and services. Among new initiatives has been a major reorganization of ICBA staff. Our most valuable resource is our people, so it is with excitement and enthusiasm that I now share with you recent changes to ICBA staff. 

Marty Duncan
Director of Member Services

Marty is our new Director of Member Services. Marty has been with ICBA for over twelve years as our Program Manager. During his tenure he has been instrumental in growing the breadth, depth and value of ICBA merchandise buying programs and management services. Marty has also played a key role in the launch and growth of ICBA PRIMEtime and Business Encounter, making them must-attend events for directors, buyers, and vendors.
As Director of Member Services Marty works closely with the Executive Director in the development and implementation of strategies for collaborative partnerships with other industry organizations. He assists in building the future value of ICBA by identifying markets, brands and products, negotiating and closing deals with vendor partners across all stages of development of merchandise and service programs. Marty will continue to direct the marketing, sales and execution of PRIMEtime, PowerHall, D&H Pavilion, Business Encounter and other vendor activities at the annual Conference and online. Marty also participates directly in the execution of membership recruitment and retention campaigns.

Skye Carlson
Media and Communications Manager

Skye is our new Media and Communications Manager. Skye has been with ICBA for over five years and pioneered ICBA’s use of social media and electronic marketing software, and has been key in the success of our ICBA Presents webinars, and our on-demand video channels.
As Media and Communications Manager Skye is responsible for the management of ICBA’s communications platforms including website, social media, blogs, email, list serves, print, webinars, video, events, and delivery of online education. She assists in the development and implementation of creative content and engagement strategies. Skye monitors communications trends and feedback to develop insights for how ICBA can engage with our members, vendors, college store industry and the higher education community. Skye also participates directly in the execution of membership recruitment and retention campaigns.

In terms of the ICBA Conference, Skye manages the Conference app, oversees speaker relations, manages on-site video recording of presentations, supervises ICBA’s twenty on-site customer service representatives, and manages the hotel room block.

Charlie McChesney
Business Coordinator

Charlie is our new Business Coordinator. Charlie has been with ICBA for over seven years most recently as our Administrative Coordinator. As ICBA’s business management processes have grown, so have Charlie’s responsibilities. As Business Coordinator Charlie is responsible for ICBA accounting, including accounts payable and receivable processing, and payroll management. She coordinates the ICBA membership database, vendor sales reporting, and store savings reporting. She works closely with our accounting firm Moss Adams, and Payroll Specialties, Inc. In addition, Charlie is responsible for the design of ICBA’s online Conference registration site and software, and supervises on-site registration and customer service at our conference. She also coordinates staff surveying projects. Charlie participates directly in the execution of membership recruitment and retention campaigns.

It is my pleasure to continue to work with Marty, Skye, and Charlie, or as we refer to ourselves, Team ICBA. We look forward to serving you.

Stacy Waymire
ICBA Executive Director