Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Year in Review 2012

What a year! So much has happened and been accomplished since Sanibel Harbor, Florida last February. And, it all started weeks after the annual meeting. Mehmet Samiratedu left Georgia Southern, and therefore departed from the Board. Arlyn Schaufler who was already serving a two-year term was appointed to fulfill the remaining years of Mehmet’s term.

Planning for 2012 began with the filing of board committees and the creation of a few new ones to help get things done this year. ICBA has three Board Committees prescribed by our by-laws: the Annual Meeting and Education Committee (David Kent, chair) develops and executes ICBA education strategy for the annual Conference, online webinars, video and other forms of content delivery; the Program Committee (Bob Crabb, chair) actively participates in the programs and services offered to members; and the Membership Committee (Debby Shively, chair) is responsible for communications to members. The Membership Committee also develops programs to help new members understand ownership advantages and obligations.

ICBA committees focused their attention on our strategic goals set during the Board’s summer retreat. Here are a few of the projects and accomplishments for 2012 (committee chairs are stated in parentheses)

  • Creation of a group of non-directors discussing and strategizing on the challenges and opportunities faced by campus stores and ICBA – Future Focus Group (Rita Phillips)
  • Partnering with KPMG to develop an  improved Operating Survey - Operating Survey Committee (Jeff Zeilenga)
  • Co-locate Large Store Group (LSG) with ICBA in 2014 (New Orleans) and 2015 (locationTBA) – Executive Board (Chuck Kissel)
  • Create and offer new Canadian membership – Membership Committee (Debby Shively)
  • Focus on out-of-industry POS/system solutions – Technology Solutions Committee (Jeff Nelson)
  • Creation of a Employee Policy and Procedures Manual for ICBA – Human Resources Committee (Chuck Kissel)
  • Explore Business Encounter and POS Dialogue options – Annual Meeting and Education Committee (David Kent)

In November, the ICBA President and CFO visited the Ashland office to meet with the ICBA staff and review internal policies and procedures. Thanks to the dedication and effort of the IBCA staff, ICBA has successfully transitioned its accounting and payroll functions from the University of Oregon Duck Store to Moss Adams, Inc. and Payroll Solutions, Inc., respectively. A special “thank you” to all at the University of Oregon for providing support to ICBA over the years.

Well, it remains hard to believe but there are just days left until the Annual Conference in Bellevue, WA. See everyone soon in Bellevue!

From Chuck Kissel, ICBA Board President